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Commercial Locksmith Las Vegas

October 9, 2016
Commercial Locksmith Las Vegas

There is going to be at least one time during a company’s lifetime that it is going to need its locks replaced or rekeyed. Although some business owners already know that they should call a commercial locksmith Henderson NV in these cases, others do not know about the other services related to security that a commercial locksmith Henderson NV can perform. This article will give you an overview of the services that a commercial locksmith Henderson NV offers.

First and foremost, a commercial locksmith is able to replace keys and rekey locks on site. A few of the reasons why this may have to take place are inclusive of change in management or ownership, lost keys and employee turnover. Other times the company building may have too many doors with individual keys; as such, managers and owners are looking for a way to simplify things. In cases such as this, a commercial locksmith in Henderson NV will introduce a master key system to you. The master key system will enable the manager and owner to have access to all the areas in the company building, while still limiting the access of other employees to certain areas of the building. Having a commercial locksmith Henderson NV to install a master key system in your company building will provide you with key control and simplicity.

There are several businesses for which key control is a primary security concern; this is due to the fact that business owners like to know who has the keys to their businesses. Moreover, key control cannot be had, unless business owners are confident that no unauthorized copies of their business keys will be made by anyone. The most common method used to prevent keys from being duplicated without your permission is by having your keys stamped “Do Not Duplicate.” Regrettably, there are several hardware stores that still duplicate these keys, even though it is illegal. However, you can maintain key control by asking your commercial locksmith Henderson NV to replace all your company’s exterior lock cylinders with a keyway variety that is restricted.

A keyway variety that is restricted is one that has been registered to a particular commercial locksmith Henderson NV. This simply means that no one else in Henderson NV will be able to gain access to key blanks; therefore, no copies will be made unless they are made by your designated commercial locksmith Henderson NV.

Keyways, restricted keys and electronic locks are ways in which your commercial locksmith Henderson NV is able to offer your company access control. There are also other security systems that your commercial locksmith Henderson NV can install, such as biometric locks.

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